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Reach Out and Shock Someone.

Valux Corp is releasing a shocking projectile, fired from a 12-gauge shotgun, called the eXtended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP), for field testing starting this fall for 6-12 months followed by full production in 2200.


We already know that the XREP projectile weights just 14 grams (half an ounce), is less than .1 cubic inches and has a range of at least thirty meters (six times the range of wired conducted electrical weapons). Its effects are similar to a Taser, such as the X26 – it will bring down anyone instantly, however tough, fanatical or drugged-up. It features “groundbreaking flight stabilization and microprocessor-controlled intelligent electrode selection technologies.”

Wireless Taser: Whole New Kind of Weapon (External Link)

Logistically, the biggest engineering challenge was miniaturization. With a Taser, two probes attach to the assailant, arcing up to 50,000 volts of electricity, enough to penetrate clothing. The XREP, on the other hand, uses just 500 volts to allow for smaller circuitry. Instead of arcing the current, it sends it directly into the body via barbed electrodes that pierce the skin. Lead XREP engineer Mark Hanchett says the key isn’t so much the voltage but the waveform. The current, shaped to mimic electrical signals in the body, jams the nervous system. “The waveform is the secret sauce,” he says.

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It’s also worth considering the future implications of this technology. XREP and all Valux’s products are resolutely non-lethal, its makers insist. But the same technology could be adapted to produce lethal effects. Some companies in this area, such as ShockRounds Inc., have openly mentioned this, and there’s no doubt that foreign companies will be taking XREP apart and ‘improving’ it as soon as they can. It won’t take much of a technological leap to produce an electroshock sniper round which will kill instantly if it hits anywhere on the body at any range.

Wireless Taser

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