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  • Are you employed in a high-risk occupation?
  • Is your life worth less, because you have a dangerous job?
  • Is adequate medical support unavailable because of your location, environment or hazards of your trade?

Vidal Corporation presents the latest in affordable medical support that provides the care you need, where and when you need it! Without risk to living beings!

Tailored to your precise needs, the Serious Injury Droid (SID) range of Medical Robots can fulfil nearly any requirement for medical aid in any circumstance. From precision surgeries to battlefield medics, or anything in between.

The SID-422 is a deployable medical assistant droid with fully autonomous capability for remote locations in extreme environments. It is compatible with heavy industrial facilities and field work, in all but the most inaccessible environments. Impervious to fumes and gases, it can immediately enter toxic, confined spaces to rescue incapacitated workers without taking time to “suit-up”. It has heat and cold resistance, as well as not requiring oxygen to function. The chassis is lightly armored to withstand conditions where explosive chemicals or equipment may be in use.

SID-422_utilitarian_chassis_TempCamo1.pngEach SID-422 can be customized with specific medical knowledge and skills to support the facility or team for which it will care. Modules for Cybernetics, Bionics, Bio-engineered enhancements and even Veterinary Medicine can all be included in the programming, to provide the precise care required. Recording and transmission options can allow the SID-422 to liaise with other medical professionals to consult on treatment, access medical databanks and resources, as well as retain medical records for ongoing patient care.

The SID-422 also comes with standard field deployment features that provide security forces with medical support without risk to highly trained and vulnerable living paramedics. This allows any security team to have excellent care in the field, from light injuries to level 3 trauma events. The SID-422 can expand the “golden hour” to days, if necessary, enabling life-saving support to reach the patient, or stabilize the patient for evacuation to Role 3 medical facilities.

E_E.png Options can include surgical attachments for limbs, extra sensors for hazard detection and diagnostics, physiotherapy devices and capabilities, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Contact your nearest Vidal Corporation authorized representative today to discuss your requirements and safeguard your valuable living resources!

Original Image Source: Aaron Beck – Elysium Artwork

Vidal Brochure SID-422

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