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How to Enhance Your Tactical Awareness!

Smart Glasses are not just for social media, nor the geek. For the operative in the field, or the soldier on the battlefield, there is no better way to keep up-to-date, or even up-to-the-second.

The Valux TacView OE2024 model of smart glasses incorporates GPS, Inertial Positioning, magnetic and accelerometric detectors to precisely indicate attitude and position of the wearer as well as any movement.

  • 3-degree of freedom head tracking
  • 3 axis gyro
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis mag/integrated compass
  • 4 control buttons
  • Remote control app paired via Bluetooth (Available for any smart phone or PID system)
  • Supports customizable voice navigation
  • Supports gesturing (Up/Down, Left/Right, Near/Far)

Uses bone conduction vibrations to keep ears clear for ambient noise detection. This allows for very clear communications in extremely noisy environments, and also is entirely silent to anyone even if they are in close proximity to the wearer.

With available apps, the wearer can interface with a PID, a computer, or even a Battlefield Tactical Box. Maps, data, text messages, still images and video can all be projected into the field of view of the wearer. The below graphic indicates the GPS Nav Mode, with Compass Tape across the top of the HUD, as well as Waypoint Carots. Additional available apps are also in use, such as the Battlefield Map app and a WiFi Target Share app.


The GPS App: There are four specific Waypoints and an Origin point (Starting point or Return Point) in the sample view image. Directly in the field of view, the applicable Waypoints are indicated at their relative distances and direction from the wearer. Across the top, on the Compass Tape, are the bearings to the individual Waypoints. If the Waypoints are out of view, they will be indicated on the left or right side of the tape, on the side closest in relative bearing to the facing of the wearer. IE: if the Waypoint is 90 degrees to the left of the wearer, the Waypoint Carot will be on the left side of the field of view (The Origin and Waypoint 3 are on the left, as they would appear quicker if the wearer turned in that direction.)

The Battelfield Map App: This app provides the ability to indicate objectives, areas of interest, operational zones, and no-fire zones. Indicated on the above display is a no-fire zone. The building on the right would be an area that a wearer should not shoot at. This could be to prevent friendly fire or collateral damage. A Plan Position Indicator (PPI) also appears on the HUD, in a selectable position (lower left in the image). It is sharing data with the GPS and Target Share apps, indicating all the GPS Waypoints, the Battlefield Map no-fire zone, and a Target Share target of interest.

The Target Share app: This app allows other smart glass wearers, or Trackpoint Weapon Systems users to share targets. Using the bearing and ranging systems of other targeting systems, the TacView glasses can indicate other targets and threats. Target Share will allow the sharing of video points of view, as well as target indicators. This will allow team leaders to see what each squad member sees, or whatever the Trackpoint Sight is aiming at (ShotViewâ„¢ and/or TP Live).

Possible integrations with:

A SID’s Eye View
Impossible Shot, Guaranteed Kill

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Smart Glasses

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