Pico Drones with HD Streaming Video

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Hover Out and See Someone.

Current technology and miniaturization can produce this:

Aerix VIDIUS HD – World’s Smallest Live Streaming HD Video Drone™


• 720p HD Video.
• Goggle Mode™: VIDIUS HD Pilots can now fully immerse themselves in live, high definition, first-person view as you fly and play back flights.
• Altitude Assistance Module™ (AAM): Keeps a steady altitude by utilizing a barometer style device inside the drone, which helps maintain altitude.
• Headless Mode: Pilots can now begin flight in headless mode and maintain a constant directional flight that keeps the exact perspective of forward, back, left and right.
APP Upgrades: One-touch Takeoff, One-touch Landing, Draw-to-fly and Goggle Mode.
• Control range up to 100 feet.
• 5-7 Minute Flight Time per 20 Minute Charge via USB Cable; 200 mAh Battery.
• 3-Speeds Pre-programmed for Desired Level of Flight Sensitivity.
• Pre-Programmed “Trick Mode” Algorithm Provides Amazing Flips and Rolls!


For a LOT more money, there is the current Military version:

PiicoDronePD-100BlackHornet2Crop.pngBlack Hornet 2 Nano Sensors:
The Black Hornet 2 nano sensors are inherently safe and pose virtually no risk to other air vehicles or personnel, allowing the system to be operated almost anywhere at any time without prior airspace coordination. The Black Hornet’s small size and electric motors makes it virtually inaudible and invisible beyond short distances.
The accompanying image shows the integrated drone storage pack (two drones) and antenna, the controller, and a drone.

• Mass 18 g including cameras
• Maximum speed 5 m/s
• Endurance up to 25 minutes
• Range up to 5 kilometers
• Digital data link beyond 1600 m line-of-sight
GPS navigation or visual navigation through video
• Autopilot with autonomous and directed modes
• Hover & Stare, preplanned routes
• Steerable Electro-Optical cameras (pan/yaw and tilt)
• Live video and snapshot visual and thermal images


Tech Insider – Military Spec Forces Drone

Pico Drones with HD Streaming Video

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