Outmoster and Pathfinders

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Can_Am_Outmoster_1fb66613105847.56365017c0db0.jpg For the latest in all terrain travel in the most severe locations, the Outmoster is the best solution for safety, security, and comfort. It is equipped to deal with many obstacles, but even better, it is capable of routing you through the terrain with the least effort by finding the best path before you get there.

OutmosterPathfinders_39f2f813105847.56270b20c3284.jpgThe Outmoster carries three Pathfinder drones, that search ahead of the vehicle, looking for hazards and navigable routes.

Pathfinder_Drones_1eb07613105847.56270c2c0524f.jpgLocated in the hood of the engine compartment, the three drones are ready to deploy and fly ahead of the Outmoster. Drones are recharged while docked in their bays. Three drones provide redundancy and flexibility in path surveillance.

Potential uses:

How you control the drones:

Source: Can-Am Outmoster

Outmoster and Pathfinders

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