Laser Defences - Aerosol Grenades or Sprays

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One unusual but effective defense against lasers would be aerosol dispensers. These come in either a “bomb” form (where a canister of compressed air releases the substance omni-directionally from a casing) or spray-can form. Either way, the aerosol would pump ultrafine but reflective particles into the air around a potential target. The particles would be fine enough to hang suspended in the air from several minutes to up to half an hour, depending on weather and wind conditions. A laser beam hitting these particles would disperse just as if it had hit a thick dust cloud, even though to the naked eye the area would appear only mildly hazy. Again, though, the reflective properties of the aerosol particles may only work against certain wavelengths.

This type of defence would work to defeat the damaging effects of offensive laser weapons, but they would also be highly effective against laser range finders and targeting lasers. Depending on the dispersal system, the screening aerosol takes less than three seconds to form and lasts about twenty seconds.

Prismatic Anti-Laser Aerosols are designed to work against several frequencies of light, and do offer significant protection against many different types of lasers, even ones that can alter their light frequency.

Very low tech, but effective in some curcumstances are smoke grenades. Slightly modified grenades are manufactured that provide smoke that is opaque to IR wavelengths, making Thermal Imaging difficult to impossible. These grenades would be very effective against many standard laser weapons.

These defenses do not work effectively against charged particle weapons, as they do not use light as the projected energy.

Laser Defences - Aerosol Grenades or Sprays

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