Impossible Shot, Guaranteed Kill

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If You Can See It, It’s Dead.

TrackingPoint is a system, one designed to make first-round hits more probable at any distance. The Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) integrates microelectronics, microprocessors and wireless communication technology for the purpose of designating a target, tracking, networking and fire control. The result is a system that quickly enables a shooter to effect multiple shots with precision at multiple unknown distances.

The TrackingPoint fire control system has a connection from the tracking optic to a state-of-the-art guided trigger. The optic and trigger collaborate to precisely release your shot within 0.5 inches of your designated aim point at 0.57 miles. In comparison: Elite marksmen release shots within 4 inches of an aim point at 0.57 miles. When you use a TrackingPoint Precision-Guided firearm, your shots are 8 times more accurate than those of an elite marksman using standard sniper gear.

The tracking optic uses computer vision and the same advanced target-tracking technology found in drones, fighter jets, and other weapon systems. Once you tag a target, the tracking optic then knows what you want to shoot and the desired point of impact.

The guided trigger contains dozens of microprocessors and electronic, electro-optic, and electro-mechanical components. The connection between the tracking optic and the guided trigger is called TriggerLink™.

When you pull the guided trigger, if the sight is not perfectly aligned with your tag point, the tracking optic sends a signal to the guided trigger that prevents the launch of the round. As soon as you perfectly intersect your designation point, the guided trigger is released and you finish your trigger pull, launching a perfect shot. The fire control system won’t let misaim, jerk or jitter affect your shot.


Modes of Operation:

Suppressive Fire – Collects and holds real-time ballistics solution to systems maximum range. Trigger is live to reduce time to engagements

Precision Targets – Calculates ballistic solution for stationary targets

Precision Movers – Calculates firing solution for moving targets

Auto-acquire – User predesignates the tag on the target, allows for quick follow up shots to the same location

Night Mode – For Gen-2, Gen-3, and Thermal Attachments

Available Options Include:


TrackingPoint brings you the first digital hunting and shooting app for Recon’s smartglass technology. TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass™ app on the Recon Jet™ smartglass empowers you to shoot around corners and record your hunt. These revolutionary digital shooting glasses connect wirelessly to your TrackingPoint rifle and enhance your precision-guided hunting and shooting experience using a built-in camera and high-definition video display.

ShotView™ App:
With the ShotView™ App, others can view first-person your hunting or shooting experience. The ShotView™ App streams real-time audio and video directly from your Precision-Guided Firearm to your tablet or smartphone.

  • Your Precision-Guided Firearm is a secure WiFi hotspot
  • Streaming works on any smartphone or tablet
  • Also streams using TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass™ App on the Recon Jet™ shooting glasses

3-D Wind:

Never be at the mercy of the wind again! 3-D Wind features an expanded next-generation ballistic solution model that accepts your inputs for not only cross wind, but for up or down drafts and head or tail winds too!

TP Live:

Now you can share your shots with friends, family and the world in real time with our new TP Live internet streaming! Utilizing ShotView, not only record but webcast every one of your TrackingPoint adventures LIVE!

Available Weapons Include:



  • 1400 yards Lock Range
  • 20 mph Target Velocity

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This weapon system can integrate with:
A SID’s Eye View
Smart Glasses

Impossible Shot, Guaranteed Kill

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