How to Fool Electronic Sensors

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Is There More Than One of Them?

This is technical, sorry. But, one of the characters asked SID if he could spoof (hide the origin) of a Net call. SID does have some ability to hack, and has all the equipment to detect Electronic Signatures. He also has recording capability. Within his A.I. processes, he could certainly do the necessary signals manipulation to perform Digital Radio Frequency Memory Jamming.

Digital Radio Frequency Memory

Mirrorimg.jpgColes Notes version: SID could rebroadcast signals from radar and radio to create false targets. These targets could move independently from the actual target, appearing as additional images. Depending on the transmitter’s power, DRFM jamming could deminish the appearance of the original target, making it almost a ghost image (SID would need new, higher powered equipment for this). DRFM jamming performs something like a D&D Mirror Image spell (number of images is selectable). The difference in DRFM jamming is that the extra targets can be made to appear to move differently than the target (within a short range).

If this capability is used in concert with a Wielder, there could be a visual component blended with the electro-magnetic illusion for awesome realizm. A visual output (screen) would be used to indicate the location of the electro-magnetic deception points to the wielder, so that the wielder could project dynamic visual and audible illusions at the same locations as the electro-magnetic ‘illusions’. This would make the images match almost all the sensors. An additional wielder may be required to imitate any heat signatures, if it was required to subvert IR or Thermal surveillance equipment.
NOTE: Depending on how the illusions were projected, an AI may not be able to see them. If the wielding only affected living minds, it would not affect a machine mind, and therefore, would not be visible to the detectors and processors of an AI. Just as the wielder would not be able to detect the phantom electro-magnetic ‘illusions’ created by SID. However: SID could produce an image on a screen ( Smart Glasses with a mini-projector?) as a visual reference for the wielder.

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How to Fool Electronic Sensors

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