A SID's Eye View

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What does the world look like to SID? Consider two vision capabilities, such as the visual light spectrum and the thermal (Far Infrared), besides other equipped modes, which include night vision (Near Infrared) and Electronic Signature detection.

First the visual light spectrum (Thermal Detection in the top right – Picture in Picture (PiP)):

There is a person crouching behind the metal object in the center of the image, and as the estimated volume of the person is 7.8 times larger than a toaster, that person is overlaid with a red tracking reticle as a potential threat. There is a person on their knees on the front step of the church, facing into the church. Not much of a threat, despite being 6.3 times the volume of a toaster, so overlaid with a green reticle. The white reticle is on a squirrel in the left foreground. As SID had been told that anything smaller than a toaster is not a viable threat, SID is not indicating it as more than a trackable item. It doesn’t appear on the PPI Display, either. If you look carefully at the top of each reticle, you will notice a “Toaster Volume” comparison on all the targets.

Now what is behind the fence on the right side? SID is detecting something, but not in this spectrum. And it is behind the fence, so not a direct threat?

On the bottom right is the Plan Position Indicator, giving a top-down view of SID’s surroundings out to 100m. The threat targets are indicated at their detected ranges. The letters are members of SID’s team: Eve; Lavi; Reithered; and Aberforth. Not empirically known, but SID is detecting voices which match certain logged profiles in the center building, so he is speculating that Eve, Lavi and Reithered are in that location. Aberforth is just over SID’s left shoulder, out of the front view. Note that the letters are duplicated on the front view overlaid on the building, in SID’s estimated locations.

Switching to Thermal, we see the world very differently (Visual Spectrum in the top right – PiP):

And there is a man with an assault rifle behind the fence, estimated at 8.1 times the volume of a toaster. The thermal image is a bit too detailed, but with very high resolution, and if the body was leaning against the fence, it would show as a heat blob, not so defined. But, SID is enhancing this with some speculation software…

All the cold metal is black, as are the windows, as thermal detectors don’t see through glass. Near IR would detect through glass, and if there were people in those windows, SID would magnify the view to check those, too. Not shown, either, is the Electronic Signature detector, which would show electromagnetic radiations from any electronic devices that are working or transmitting. If any of these individual were carrying working P-Comms, their locations could be more accurately pinpointed with the transmissions of their carrier frequencies. Small functioning electronics devices (not built to transmit, but still giving off an electromagnetic field) can’t be detected outside of 50 meters with SID’s current equipment, but large pieces of equipment (Transformers or larger transmitters) could be detected further away.

Additional information on the images are the Overall Systems readout in the top left, showing various sub-systems in bars and digital ‘dial’ formats. There are four larger dial readouts, in addition to the corner bars/dials, which give telemetry and threat assessments. These are just below and to the right of the main System readout, and are actually part of that display.

Across the top of the image is a compass tape, with the current bearing indicated with a chevron (just off True North), SID’s current velocity (in kilometers: he is standing still) to the left of the chevron, and his altitude above sea level to the right (in meters: the altitude of the Free-Zone settlement Klamerath).

In the lower left corner is the Surveillance readout, with four coolant reservoir levels (Anti-InfraRed refrigerant bottles, to allow SID to cool himself to ambient air temperature if he desires thermal camouflage. The refrigerant allows cooling of the thermal sensors for better definition), bars for various sensor detectors, and some digital information on the health of the sensor suite.

Not being displayed in this particular situation are GPS landmarks and route way-points, as these were not established nor briefed before hand. The display is capable of full battlefield display, if necessary, as a SID could be expected to follow troops into combat.
For some, it is obviously missing weapons information. Well, just as obviously, SID is not a battlebot, so he doesn’t display a “Rounds Remaining” counter or “Power Cell Charge” indicator. Not that he couldn’t have that information, but SID doesn’t need it. Perhaps a Med Kit Status, with a “Bandages Remaining” counter would be more appropriate?

Visual System: 50X optical magnification
500m IR Detection
Laser Range Finder to 10 km (6.2 miles)
Electronic Signature Detection 50m

SID’s Vision Systems can integrate with:
Impossible Shot, Guaranteed Kill
Smart Glasses

A SID's Eye View

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