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AKA Blade Dreidels

rockscythe.pngRockscythes are small but deceptively strong and athletic creatures with powerful hind legs and two scythe-like arms. Their rough, dark-colored skin gives them a rock-like appearance when they remain still; this makes them difficult to detect with a cursory glance when motionless in rocky terrain. Their long, sharply bladed arms are comprised of dense bone, giving them formidable durability. The end of each blade is curved with an extremely sharp inner edge that is used for piercing and tearing the flesh of their prey. Rockscythes are incredible leapers that spin through the air with one scythed appendage in front of their body and the other behind, making them a dangerous projectile. They also have strong jaws filled with small teeth used for tearing strips of flesh from their prey.

Height: 0.9m/3’
Weight: 63.5 kg/149 lb

Toaster Volume: 3.4


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