Alpha Omega - Player Characters

There Are Only So Many Hours in a Day

Conventions Don't Spontaneously Occur

I have to give the OB props.

I think he probably would have prefered to be slowly paper cut a few times than tell me in person, But he did it. And, much to his surprise, I didn’t completely break down and cry.

The Sessions are officially on hiatus until after the upcoming convention in… April! Yes. April.

Which means there won’t be any session posts of the group and any mayhem the OB might throw at us until May.

Well, in RL, the OB is actually human, and has other commitments.

I have a plan, though. Perhaps we could do some fill-in back stories? Sort of what I did with SID last month? A call goes out to the other players for suggestions, or submissions/collaborations for their characters. It would be nice to do at least one a month, until May.

Still can’t wait until our next game, though.

Reading suggestions for those interested: Steve Perry’s ‘The Man Who Never Missed’ Any of the books, but perhaps the original book that started it all.
Of particular interest to SID is the Spedsdod weapons and the Shocktox non-lethal darts. There are other things in the series, like the viral neural accelerator shots, for those playing biological entities.



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