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The Freezone Settlement: Chaos?

When It All Went Wrong

The group sorts out their plan, as SID attempts to guide Reithered through repairing the damage to his leg. After ruining two parts, SID repairs his leg himself, forgoing any thought of upgrading the rest of his limbs or systems. The parts were not what Eve wanted to take into the settlement, so that plan went wanting.

Off toward the settlement went Eve, Lavi and Reithered. Entering the settlement appeared to be easy, but when Eve went to a local watering hole and spoke to Dave, a familiar face in town, he didn’t start arranging for transportation as he implied he would. Instead, he was overheard contacting the leader of the Settlement. Waiting for the arrival of the “transportation coordinator”, several well armed individuals arrived in the establishment. Lavi and Reithered could do little but wait for the hammer to fall.

sharmon1.jpgIt fell with the arrival of Sharmon, a very big and exceedingly rough looking individual. To say he wasn’t happy would be an extreme understatement. Eve got the full brunt of Sharmon’s anger for bringing a heap of trouble down on his head, which blindsided her. Sharmon seemed to blame Eve for whatever happened at the nearby facility, and that the settlement might be being held accountable somehow. And although Sharmon knew of the facility, the group has no idea of what association the settlement had with that facility. This did not bode well for a favourable discussion, nor the possibility of getting transportation out of the settlement. Lavi attempted to bargain for transportation, but the suggestion of 3,000T was outright rejected. Lavi tried to gather some remote funds.

Back in the woods, Aberforth pressed SID for more information on what SID was really after, and from whom he needed ‘shelter’. SID suggests that he needs to hide from more than one entity, now. First the company that built him, Vidal Corp, had sent him to infiltrate 111. 111 used him as a Trojan horse, and disrupted Vidal Corp. Vidal Corp probably wanted him in pieces. 111 might want him for any number of reasons. Note: Not mentioned to Alberforth was the possibility that SID was a reverse-Trojan for 111, and could be carrying pilfered information from Vidal Corp. On the run, SID hired into the facility, and is now likely on the run from them, too, whoever they are. The facility had no identity visible anywhere, and SID had looked very hard. However, the name of the Lead Scientist is in the records that SID took away from the facility, and gave to Aberforth. Once in a bigger community or city state, a Medbot might be able to blend into the environment a little less conspicuously than in a Freezone settlement very close to the facility. There is the issue that the entire group was recorded while in the facility, and they all might now be targets.

At the settlement, a sudden P-comm call came in and Sharmon stepped out to take the call. Eve, Lavi and Reithered overheard the call going very badly, with Sharmon reacting with more, and louder, expletives. Back he came, and directed everyone to follow him, with Eve getting even more animosity directed towards her. As the collection of Headman, gunmen and party headed across the settlement at the quickstep, two dropships came roaring up to the settlement.

Artist: 5ofnovember

When the two dropships passed over Aberforth and SID, the possibility of trouble was too great to ignore. There were no visible markings on the ships, and they didn’t look like passenger or cargo vessels. They started making their way toward the settlement, to be closer to any calls for assistance.

Rockets were launched from the settlement and were ineffective. The ships flared short of the edge of the settlement, and repelling ropes dropped out. Sharman was screaming orders organizing the people of the settlement to defend themselves. Lavi attempted to wield a shield with limited effect, while troops descended from the dropships. Sharman force-ably relieved a henchmen of a launcher and blew up one of the dropships, which caused the descending troops of that ship to fall to the ground. Reithered was successful in downing one opponent, and Lavi attempted to plasma-ball the downed group, but although there was a flash, not much burn.

Reithered attempted to hit one of the pilots of the remaining dropship, but his shot was not able to get through the windshield. Lavi projected a stone at one of the assaulting troops, and despite hitting him in the center of his forehead, it only tapped him. It was enough to throw that individual off, and he shot himself in the foot, rather than hitting any of the settlement’s defenders. Eve was getting bored with the apparent ineffectiveness of the defense, so she impulsively charged the remaining attackers, regardless of the shooting in both directions.

Another rocket was launched at the remaining dropship, which catastrophically exploded into tiny, tiny pieces, dropping the troops from that ship to the ground. The flames and blast from the explosion didn’t quite get through Lavi’s barrier, but Eve got a bit singed, being out past the barrier approaching the enemy.

The fight was won by the settlement, but the damage and injuries weren’t trivial. And Sharmon was likely to hold it all as the group’s fault. Why did the dropships attack, and where were they from? Were they from the facility, or the facility’s organization? Does Sharmon know why they came in with guns blazing?

It isn’t looking good for the party. And Aberforth and SID are coming up to the settlement as quickly, and carefully as they can, wondering what they are going to find, hoping their teammates are not injured or worse.

Note: How was the group tracked, or was it just a hit on the nearest settlement on spec? The dropships flew right over SID and Aberforth, so, were not going directly after them? What of the employers of the group? Are they watching this, or were they the attackers?


Mental Meanderings of a Manic-paranoid Mechanical Man:

This group ….

This group was not well equipped for their mission, not well briefed on the entirety of the mission (not knowing what, even remotely, they were to be looking for, nor what they might find), not well skilled to meet the needs of the mission, nor did they present with anything like a plan.

They didn’t appear to have an entry plan, an information-gathering process, if that was what they were supposed to do (granted: the complete shut-down of the facility may have circumvented any vague “check data access points for whatever we can download” plan they may have had), nor did they appear to have a contact in the facility to meet or extract. Then, they didn’t appear to have an exit plan. The group appeared to make up their retreat based on the input and advice of a chance-encountered individual of exceedingly questionable loyalty and few morals.

Then, their demonstrated skills had done little to inspire confidence. Nothing on the security footage of their approach was indicative of high caliber ability, nor were the events between the departure from the facility to the rest-stop in the woods. Even their so-called plan to acquire transportation seemed to be formulated with little information and research.

SID is not sure that teaming up with this group is a good long-term survival prospect. Perhaps, if they can get SID to a bigger population point, he could find a better organization that would enable him to blend into the community, or hide him from those that he believes are pursuing him. If the group was recorded on the surveillance video when they entered the facility, that makes them as big a target of his latest enemy as he is, also making finding SID easier.

Not to mention not coming up with a Comm Plan, nor Signals, when the group split up, nor an assembly point as a fall-back if things went wrong, nor identifying who would call whom, if… Did they even turn on their P-Comms when they separated?

What does SID plan to do? Survive the next few hours, as he doesn’t feel he can possibly get clear of this situation without letting everyone from whom he wants to hide know he has passed through the settlement. After that, it will probably be SID’s lack of skill and planning that is likely to result in the team being killed and himself de-constructed.

This group…

PS: Wait. What if the group was a diversion? They were never supposed to do anything, but get killed while distracting the facility security from the real infiltration. That would explain a lot. Hmmm…

The Freezone Settlement: Chaos?

SID-422 Priorities Beginning of Session:

Statement of Primary Mission: Undisclosed (Potential: Delivery of information to unknown employers)
Chance of Primary Mission Success: 0%
Secondary Mission: Survival of Team
Chance of Secondary Mission Success: 50% (Find Transportation, obstacles to success unknown, Team splitting up. Chance of Success based on partial team survival)
Tertiary Mission: Survival of SID
Chance of Tertiary Mission Success: 70%/24 hours (Abandon Present Primary and Secondary Missions increases Tertiary Mission Success significantly in the short term, Repairs to damaged servos completed); 30%/1 month (Middle of Oregon wilds, no support team, no Primary mission). Continue attempt to develop rapport with team to raise long term Chance of Tertiary Mission Success options.

SID-422 Priorities End of Session:

Statement of Primary Mission: Delivery of information to Sanctuarium
Chance of Primary Mission Success: 50%
Secondary Mission: Survival of Team
Chance of Secondary Mission Success: 50% (Find Transportation, Find other team members in Settlement. Chance of Success based on partial team survival)
Tertiary Mission: Survival of SID
Chance of Tertiary Mission Success: 30%/24 hours (Entering Settlement will seriously increase detection and tracking of SID); 10%/1 month (If detected and tracked by facility organization). Attempt to develop rapport with Settlement to raise Chance of Secondary and Tertiary Mission Success options.

The Freezone Settlement: Chaos?

Honestly, I feel the lack of infiltration, communication with said contacts and exit plans is probably greatly due to the fact of how little we, as players, know our characters and said protocols. As I am personally beginning to try and get a handle on all those aspects, so when I ask a question in my head I make sure I communicate that with the GM cause…He sees all and knows all :P

The Freezone Settlement: Chaos?

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