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How To Infiltrate the Infiltrators

The facility is without power, the lights are out and all the doors have locked down. As the group attempts to gather more information, they now have to bust through every door they want to go through, including the door to the room they are now trapped in, besides working in pitch dark. Eve lights up her hand to provide illumination.

Eve attempts an elemental assault on the door, but it is too tough. Aberforth tries to reduce the structural integrity to make the door easier to bust open, and turns the door to dust! Out in the hallway, they decide to go further into the facility to see if they can achieve their mission goals. As they proceed, Aberforth’s heightened sense of hearing detects someone else moving about the facility. They head in that direction.

Sounds of something coming towards them in the corridor stops their advance, and they ready themselves for action. The sound of squeaking and a staccato, mechanical whir-thump is coming towards them from a bend in the corridor, as well as a dim light. Around the corner comes a squeaky-wheeled trolley, pushed by a med-bot with a damaged leg servo: SID-422. He sees the party, and asks if they are authorized to be in the facility. They answer correctly, saying, “No.” SID states that if they are injured, he will provide medical aid, but that them must leave the facility as soon as possible for their own safety. Things are not operating as they should, and there is extreme danger if they remain.

This is not what the party wants to hear, and although they accept the assistance of SID, they are very much inclined to continue their search. SID attempts to dissuade them, and gets grilled by the group. He doesn’t provide many answers, pleading a lack of programming in the areas of questioning. As the questions are flying, SID restores the used personal med-kits to full capacity, upgrading the patches with his trolley-full of medical supplies. It turns out that there may be a threat approaching: reinforcements from the owner of the facility. SID is pretty insistent that the group is in imminent danger, and leaving is the best option. It is determined that there are some living subjects in the facility, but SID is adamant that approaching them will result in serious injury, using his acquired damage as an example. It is discovered, when asking about any removable data, that SID is pretty much the only thing accessible that would be removable, now that the facility is without power. Time to get the facility powered up might be in short supply.

Sounds from within the facility suggest that the test subjects have burned through their sedation, and are lashing out at everything. SID now recommends they all leave, for the sake of their survival. They head to the maintenance bay, which is conveniently the quickest way out, to pick up some repair parts for SID’s damage. It takes a bit of locksmithing to get the bay door open, but once in, SID fortunately jams the door behind them. The party quickly grabs some gear, and SID jimmies the outer bay door to allow them egress. Something is making lots of noise in the facility, and it may be coming their way. Also, the wielders feel an envelopment descend over them, heightening their desire to leave.

On getting out the bay door, a field of carnage lays before them, and SID heads for the group’s approach path at a quick pace. SID’s medical abilities are not going to be able to assist the dead security force, as their injuries are catastrophic. The test subjects are also now a serious threat on their own, and SID determines that attempting to interact with them would be terminal for any that try. The party hears more ominous sounds behind them, and sprint for safety. After covering a good distance, the wielders notice the envelopment peels away. They try to find a way to destroy the facility from a distance, but lack any useful way to do that with abilities/things to hand. They press on toward the pick-up location. On the way, the sounds of aircraft are heard approaching the facility from the opposite direction (South), and pick up the pace. As they reach the security detection boundary, and attempt to obscure their back-trail, a column of dark energy shoots up out of the facility into the sky.


SID-422 Priorities Beginning of Session:

Anomalous Conditions Noted. Unidentified individuals approached and entered facility
Statement of Mission: Care of Test Subjects
Chance of Primary Mission Success: 60% (Some subjects exhibiting extreme deviations, and self-destructing)
Secondary Mission: Care of Facility Staff
Chance of Secondary Mission Success: 0% (Staff no longer viable, beyond SID programming to provide care. Staff unable to assist with Primary Mission)
Tertiary Mission: Survival of SID
Chance of Tertiary Mission Success: 5% (Insufficient Data, Seriously unfavourable Supervisor reaction)
Potential change of Primary Mission: Provide Care to Unidentified individuals, ensure their survival.
Chance of New Primary Mission Success: 50%
Potential change of Secondary Mission: Survival of New Team
Chance of Secondary Mission Success: 50%
Tertiary Mission: Survival of SID
Chance of Tertiary Mission Success: 25% (Insufficient Data, Unidentified group and unknown purpose and loyalties)

SID-422 Priorities End of Session:

Anomalous Conditions Noted in Test Subjects, Test Subjects Not Responding within Acceptable Parameters
Statement of Previous Primary Mission: Care of Test Subjects
Chance of Previous Primary Mission Success: 0% (Some subjects exhibiting extreme deviations and destructive behaviour)
Statement of New Primary Mission: Care of New Team
Chance of New Primary Mission Success: 30%
New Secondary Mission: Survival of New Team
Chance of Secondary Mission Success: 30% (Team threatened by test subjects, beyond SID programming to provide care)
Tertiary Mission: Survival of SID
Chance of Tertiary Mission Success: 20% (Insufficient Data, Team an unknown quantity with an unknown mission)

May I Help You?

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