Sharmon (RIP)

Freezone Settlement Leader


Standing 6’4" and densley muscled, Sharmon is an extremely large, very experienced Remnant, very rough looking.

Don’t get on his bad side. (Oops! Might be too late for the group!)


He rules the Freezone community of Klamerath with an iron fist, being both intolerant of non-Human/Remnants, as well as outsiders in general.

Whilst Sharmon is known for his foul mouth and often explosive temper it is when he is at his quietest and most gracious that people need to be careful of him.

Sharmon is well practiced in all forms of ballistics to a very high level, and is incredibly unforgiving of the ineptitude of others.

Whilst he is rough, harsh, and holds people to incredibly high standards, he does ensure that Klamerath is as well protected as it can be and does so in an honest, (if not always through palatable actions)

Sharmon is presumed dead in the vicious cleansing event of the Klamerath Freezone.

as of yet, details are unclear

Sharmon (RIP)

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