Manfred von Schnauser

A Genetecist of *incredibly* dubious Morals


A diminutive man of New-Germanic descent, Manfred is dark haired, gaunt, and constantly moving.
He is rarely seen without his lab coat on.
His eyes are piercing, and constantly looking for new discovery.

He operates in a high state of physical agitation as if his brain is incapable of downtime.


In another time, Manfred von Schnauser could have perhaps been one of the great minds of hi time. Now, however, he is a morally bankrupt geneticist, and even this may be an understatement.

Originally from the Arcology in New Berlin, Manfred von Schnauser was a highly gifted child who spent his days closeted away experimenting on anything he could find (usually small or medium sized mammals, but sometimes more… unsavoury test subjects)

Having fostered his interests in science, (most especially Biology) he rose prominently and achieved a scholarship to Triton enterprises, before leaving under dubious circumstances. he then began work with a promising Geneticist in Oderon city, although that was the last his any of his relations ever saw of him…

Manfred’s studies have taken him somewhat underground, though he was last seen in a state of elevated anxiety when some test subjects began to display unexpected signs of early activity…

Manfred von Schnauser

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