Dave the Grease (RIP)


Always covered in Machine Oil, or petrol, or some other dubious fuel, Dave looks after transport and mechanics in Klamerath for Sharmon. He is strong, bold, quick to judge, and hard to friend.

Break one of his children (any vehicle he works on) and you’ll be looking for your bravery in some very, very tall grass!


Dave is a Mechanic, as well as operating the fleet of vehicles required to keep Klamerath in supplies.

Dave is an essential part of the Freezone community. Without him scavenging parties, hunting parties, and trade would all be much reduced to the point of making the freezone community of Klamerath almost non-viable.

Dave the Grease is presumed dead in the vicious cleansing event of the Klamerath Freezone.

as of yet, details are unclear

Dave the Grease (RIP)

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