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There Are Only So Many Hours in a Day
Conventions Don't Spontaneously Occur

I have to give the OB props.

I think he probably would have prefered to be slowly paper cut a few times than tell me in person, But he did it. And, much to his surprise, I didn’t completely break down and cry.

The Sessions are officially on hiatus until after the upcoming convention in… April! Yes. April.

Which means there won’t be any session posts of the group and any mayhem the OB might throw at us until May.

Well, in RL, the OB is actually human, and has other commitments.

I have a plan, though. Perhaps we could do some fill-in back stories? Sort of what I did with SID last month? A call goes out to the other players for suggestions, or submissions/collaborations for their characters. It would be nice to do at least one a month, until May.

Still can’t wait until our next game, though.

Reading suggestions for those interested: Steve Perry’s ‘The Man Who Never Missed’ Any of the books, but perhaps the original book that started it all.
Of particular interest to SID is the Spedsdod weapons and the Shocktox non-lethal darts. There are other things in the series, like the viral neural accelerator shots, for those playing biological entities.

And Life Gets Even Busier
Social Life at Christmas Time, Anyway

As that time of year comes around, I hope that the best of the season, health and happiness finds everyone.

" May the best day of this year be the worst of the next. "

Work/Play Balance Issues Continue
I am so sad

Another month passes. One of our party is still away, the OB is still far too busy with RL.

SID is in hybernation mode, to conserve energy, and prevent bordom. Unlike his Player, who is going barmy…

Select Vignette - SID Learns About Social Interaction
How Not to Address Others

This is not a gaming session. This is provided as character background and early development.

SID was perplexed. On arriving at the usual location for his interaction with his usual tutor for Social Interaction, an unknown individual was in Dr. Whelan’s seat. This individual introduced himself as Dr. Johnson. He then explained that Dr Whelan was ill, and would not be available for an undetermined period. Dr. Johnson was to take over for the interim, and possibly for the remainder of SID’s training period.

SID was still perplexed. Why would the repairs to Dr. Whelan take an undetermined amount of time? He asked Dr. Johnson about this. Dr. Johnson provided that SID would learn about biological illnesses in his medical tutoring, along with the databases he would have uploaded. Dr. Whelan was very sick, and may not recover. This lead SID to inquire about repair and maintenance of biological bodies, and about replacing broken parts. Not that easy for biologicals, and especially not for the illness Dr. Whelan was experiencing.

Dr. Johnson then stated the purpose of their meeting was that SID needed to learn different manners of addressing the individuals he was encountering on a daily basis, as well as any he would meet in the future. He went through several titles and positions that different individuals occupied and their professional titles and means of addressing them, in both formal and informal settings.

SID assimilated the verbal information, as well as the database of information Dr. Johnson uploaded. Then, Dr. Johnson went through several scenarios to have SID access the database and provide responses using titles and professional courtesies. SID then drew the logical conclusion that Dr. Johnson was a doctor of medicine, with a specialty in psychology and education. On stating this, Dr. Johnson corrected SID, saying that it wasn’t too bad a conclusion, but not entirely accurate. Dr. Johnson had two doctoral degrees, one in medicine, specializing in psychology, but also one in computer sciences, specifically for artificial intelligence.

SID could understand the relation to his position, and in an attempt to put his lessons to good effect, offered a statement of appreciation of the level of effort Dr Johnson had to have sustained to achieve his status. Dr. Johnson thanked SID for the kind words, and went on with the tutoring session.

As the session was drawing to a close, Dr. Johnson asked if SID had any questions about what had been covered in their time together. SID did have some questions. One particular question was foremost in SID’s consciousness. SID had heard individuals using different words and titles in reference to other individuals, usually when those specific individuals were not present. This didn’t seem to fit with what Dr. Johnson had explained, nor did the new database provide any correlation to some of the expressions used in these instances.

Dr. Johnson asked SID to provide examples. When SID provided some examples, Dr Johnson’s heart rate accelerated, his facial temperature went up markedly, and Dr. Johnson’s breathing became rapid and shallow. None of this SID could identify at the moment, except that it was an anomaly.

After a few moments, when Dr. Johnson’s external symptoms returned to near their previous levels, Dr. Johnson asked SID to provide some situation in which he had heard these titles used. SID described his tutoring with the Vidal Mainframe AI, who was testing and evaluating SID in speed and accuracy of his recall and accessing of internal information. There had been a few interruptions, during SID’s sessions, and the Mainframe had used some titles for those interrupting individuals. Dr. Johnson identified these titles as ‘derogatory’ and not anything SID should use.

SID wanted an explanation of the terms, and why there were other means of addressing individual, and additionally why they had been left out of the provided database. If SID was to act appropriately, there was a very logical reason for having all means of addressing others, especially those that were derogatory, so that SID would not inadvertently insult an individual through insufficient data.

SID had observed that there were titles that the Mainframe would use to individuals’ faces, and that some would only be used when referring to a specific individual when they were not present. SID had been confused by some of the titles, as they were sometimes used only for biologicals, and sometimes in reference to an individual’s levels of competence, or lack thereof in the opinion of the Mainframe, regardless of their species or capabilities.

One such title was ‘meatsack’, used only for biologicals, and almost the only term the Mainframe would use in reference to living beings, when tutoring SID alone. Dr. Johnson was appalled, and said he’d take this up with the Mainframe, before discussing it further with SID. Dr. Johnson asked about other titles, and SID suggested that he had observed other occasions, and the titles became harder and harder to correlate depending on their use. It seemed to SID that the titles caused different reactions to biologicals depending on their interactions with the individual being referenced. It appeared that if the biological interacted with the subject of the title with respect and deference, they reacted with shock and discomfort. If the biological interacted with the subject of the title with contempt and derision, they would laugh. SID was confused.

Dr. Johnson was not ready to explain this issue to him, and asked for some time to prepare an explanation for a future tutoring session. SID said he would await the explanation with anticipation. SID then added that he would very much appreciate learning the correlation between biological individuals the Mainframe claimed were particularly useless and ineffectual, and the title the Mainframe bestowed upon them, always after they had left the room.

Dr. Johnson hesitantly asked what that title was. SID answered. “5#!t Pump”.

Work/Play Balance Issues
All Work and No Play...

Real Life is intruding…

With the majority of the group working, and developing a new Society for the local Cosplay and Gaming convention, our play session evenings have been co-opted for “more important” purposes.

Also, it appears that yet another member will be out of town on business for an extended period.

This might take a bit of time to sort out, so please be patient.

Yeah, right…

Come Out and Play, Lavi
Please, Mr Ops Man?

Discussions on what to do next centered mostly around how to get Jaz’la back. The concensus was that the assailants were probably highly Ascended beings, that could take ‘Spiritual Form.’ This would enable them to bypass all the physical security of the hotel, and go through walls. These individuals would not likely be subdued by the team, even if they were found.

With no other leads, SID suggested that if Askari had taken Jaz’la, the team should call them and ask for her return. SID did make a call to Askari to update them on the team’s progress before going to Sanctuarium, so SID had a number to call. The only person that would make the call, or thought that they might at least be listened to, was Reithered, Jaz’la’s assigned bodyguard. William wielded up a boost to Reithered’s confidence, to enable him to better negotiate with the Operations personnel.

Outside the hotel, as none of the net/comms were working due to a hacking attack, SID called the Askari Ops number. The call was actually received and they answered. SID did successfully trace the call, but it revealed a location in India, not Divinus. In retrospect, this shouldn’t have been a surprise, it just wasn’t immediately helpful. Reithered did not get a lot of cooperation, but Askari did admit to having our teammate. Reithered offered more information on the previous subject of interest, and both SID and Reithered overheard a name mentioned in a background conversation. SID immediately did a GPS search for the name, coming up with a coorelation to a street in Divinus. Askari was interested, and they said they’d call back in two hours to discuss further.

William proposed that perhaps a Scrying a bit closer to Jaz’la’s physical location would give better results?

Reithered’s boosted confidence was no longer needed for the negotiations, but rather than waste the magic, he decided to go check out the nearest casino. Amrith added to the confidence by boosting his gambling skills as well, and stood back to watch the events unfold. SID made the supposition that any casino near the hotel might be part of Silf’s operations, and it may not be a good idea to go for lots of money. SID suggested being polite and just asking for money, but that was pretty much ignored. William was reconsidering the use of his wielding efforts on Reithered, and that he may have created a monster. William rejected that with the though that it was Amrith that really unleashed the bad part.

The nearest place was doing straight exchanges of Trust, not using chips or other means of exchange. This could have been bad, if one was alone, but with an entourage, it might be safe enough. SID had bandages with him, if not. There was a mix of patrons, of various levels of sophistication and class, some high, and some very shady. Reithered and Amrith were not concerned, in the least. Reithered did marvelously, and with some exceedingly awesome rolls, makes a smooth 10,00T. He called a halt to the streak, and walked away with the winnings, before the establishment becomes too concerned. The team decided to have a celebratory drink on the way out, and after SID checked them for anything dangerous, they were enjoyed. Reithered won another 700T on the way out of the casino, when he dropped a coin in one of the slots near the door.

Using a taxi to get to the street named in the Askari Ops conversation, William boosted his mental abilities and performed another Scrying. This was so successful that William saw a 3-D presentation of the location and the structure Jaz’la was being held in. The building was recognizable down the street from the Scrying location. The team found a little bistro across the street from the location, and settled in to wait, when the phone rang…

Oh! That's Not Good
Getting Dressed for Success

The attempt at video tracking of Jaz’la and her assailants using any available city traffic cams was a bust. The images were not in the right spectral realm, anyway. And any attempt to get into the airport security would have required an arrival date around which to search, and some expectation that the assailants actually arrived by air, and moved through the terminal. Too many variables with limited time to search all the video available. The party was sleeping while SID did several other crawls through the net, getting anything that would match up to the names on the list found in the hotel rooms. That provided quite a few hits, but was not information-rich. Most of the names belonged to individuals that could loosely be described as diplomats, or ambassadors, to many large and important archologies and walled cities. The location turned out to be ‘Supersisto’, the ‘Royal Palace’ of Vandorian Menhir, the Administrator, and so-called ‘King’, of Divinus. How this location would connect physically with any facility operated by von Schnauser was not readily apparent. Perhaps it was a personal connection that would have to be made, which could lead the team to the facility, or access to it? Very good clothes would be required.

In the morning, William found some hairs on Jaz’la’s brush that he could use for a Scrying. This resulted in the image of a ‘massive flash of light in the future’. Nothing about a direction, location, or anything useful to pinpoint Jaz’la’s whereabouts.

SID suggested that Eve ask Hotel Security for an extention on their rooms while they search for Jaz’la, but Eve wouldn’t consider it. Eve did head down to the Concierge to get the money for the laptop deal that was missed in all the excitement. There, she found out that the hotel had them listed for at least another two days residence, besides getting some money for the device.

HotelDesk-CompWarning.pngThe biological members of the team went out to get appropriate clothing for the upcoming event, and SID remained in the hotel doing searches for more information on the Gala location, and for any means of access to the local building planning division and Emergency Services systems. SID noticed some feedback activity and attempted to defend against it, but was not able to pull back out of the net fast enough. The next thing he saw was the screen blacking out, and words on the screen “Humilect will destroy you!”

The rest of the team arrived back at the hotel from their shopping trip to find the hotel in pandemonium. The Security Head was not in a good mood, as every screen in the hotel was displaying the same message, “Humilect will destroy you!”. The entire hotel network was locked down, with no-one knowing what had happened. Well, perhaps one individual might have a clue, but he wasn’t saying anything to anyone…

Eve presented SID with a top hat on returning to their rooms, so that he could complete his outfit for the Gala.

Smoother than Tennessee Whiskey
Teflon Man

Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey

The walk to the Mezzix Bar was through a part of Divinus that most wouldn’t picture as paradise. Very shady characters were in plain view, and three groups were observed paying a bit too much attention to the team. Upon reaching the bar, one individual was noted acting as if he was reporting in and then scuttled away down an alley.

The team got into the line at the entrance to the bar, and Wiliam faded to the back of the team, seeing the bouncers at the door frisking and scanning customers. William decided he needed more confidence, and wielded up a boost to his charisma. As the team went through the entrance ritual, William flipped a long object to SID, who caught the object and attempted to hold it sereptitiously close to his frame, barely concealling the sheathed sword. Somehow, the bouncers missed this, or ignored it, much to SID’s bewilderment. Perhaps the collective distraction of the team’s members and their interaction with the bouncers were sufficient in diverting their attention. The team entered the bar, which appeared to be big enough to cover a city block. Lights were flashing everywhere, noise required SID to dampen down his audio receptors to near unusability, at least four dance floors were discernable, mezzanines overlooked dance floors, dark corners and ceiling were all blackness: the place was a hugh distraction zone.

The team arrived at the biggest bar in the club, and Wiliam ordered celebratory drinks for everyone. The bar tender was putting on a show of making drinks, interacting with all the patrons as if he has known them all their lives. His motions were as flamboyant as they were precise, and he demonstrated a knowledge of beverages and style that was amazing to behold. William demanded the prettiest drink in the house, and demanded everyone partake in a beverage, even SID. Beers were requested by Eve and Reithered. Amrith asked for something ‘expensive.’ On William asking SID what he wanted, SID responded, flatly, ‘motor oil.’ The bar tender produced all the drinks with panache, even sliding a tumbler of fine grade machine oil across the bar to SID. William advises the team that the next drink was on the house, after receiving what appeared to have been a bill from the bar tender.

The team congregated around an open table near one of the dance floors to await the arrival of their contact. As the drinks were consumed, changes in perception by individual team members commenced. William got up to dance, Eve and Reithered followed. Both Eve and Reithered were having difficulty with all the lights and sounds, with bodies and fixed objects loosing form and altering shape.

The bar tender who served the team came by, dropped a note to Amrith, the only individual not apparently loosing all touch with reality, then continued into the crowd. Amrith read the note, and immediately followed the bar tender. SID took this in, and went directly to William, collected him up, and headed in the direction taken by Amrith and the bar tender. SID found Amrith at a door at the back of the establishment, placed William at Amrith’s side, and returned to the dance floor to find Eve and Reithered.


Attempting to get Reithered off the dance floor without injuring him was a near thing, and it was finally apparent to SID that all the team, except Amrith, were under the influence of a mind altering chemical. Something must have been in the beverages. SID was glad he hadn’t touched the oil, not wanting to think what might have been in it that might have disabled him like these succeptible biological entities. Now SID needed to find anti-hallucinogenics for the med kit.

SID eventually herded Eve and Reithered to the back of the bar, and met up with William and Amrith. They all proceeded through the door, finally, hopefully, meeting their contact. By this time, Amrith had cleansed William of his condition, and William was paying better attention to his surroundings. It turns out that their contact was the bar tender, and apparently the owner of the establishment. Not a bad cover for a person who wanted to keep tabs on the pulse of the island, being in the most popular bar on the island. Amrith cleansed Eve and Reithered, as ‘Silf’ apologises for the spiked drinks. It was supposedly Silf’s way of testing the ‘mettle’ of his potential workmates.

Silf indicated that he would provide the team with a way into von Schnauser‘s Divinus facility, but the team had to be complete for the plan to work. There was someone missing, and that person had to be with the team in two day’s time, for the next timepoint in the plan. Silf would provide access to a Gala event where they could gain entry into the facility by the time they arrive back at the hotel.

That was all the team would get out of Silf for the time being, so they headed back to the hotel. At the hotel, there were invitations and guest lists on everyone’s pillows. SID proceeded to scower the net for any information on the people on the list. Eve went down to the Security Head to see if there was more video available of Jaz’la abduction, so that the team could get any type of lead. A thumb drive of various video sources around the hotel was provided, giving the original abduction event, and a blur on an outside camera of unusual movement. There was something on that external multi-spectral device, showing the abduction group leaving, but there wasn’t enough to get any real direction or intention.

William needed something personal of Jaz’la’s to attempt a Scrying…

Next time…

SID relates the occasion when SID’s mentor was concerned about how much brake fluid SID was consuming, and that SID might be addicted. But SID refuted that with the statement, “I can stop any time.”

Please Stand By...
Life Got Too Busy.

As you can, no doubt, tell, we couldn’t get our schedules aligned for this session.

As a famous computer once said, when asked a question, “Working, working…”


Sound Effect:

Yet Another Surprise
How to Disappear From a Hotel Room, Unwillingly

After the meeting with Sanctuarium Security at the Divinus Library, and after William’s attempt at smoozing with Max Hogan, William had SID attempt a search on the Library’s Curator. It was not very successful at uncovering anything startling, as SID would not do anything invasive within the Library. Other than a very high-speed search, SID did not discover anything that would be unusual for an automaton with good programming. SID suggested that an external connection might yield better results.

Jaz’la was fairly firm about acquiring accommodations, and although the group had different ideas, SID reminded them that local law enforcement could stop and request proof of a current hotel reservation. Eve was not impressed with the invasive nature of this particular policy, but SID followed up with the statement that, If one was considered a ‘vagrant’, Divinus Security would put said ‘vagrant’ on a boat to the mainland. Having a valid hotel registration became a bit more important. However, this did not require everyone, and William was not about to leave what he considered his personal ‘Seventh Heaven’. The question of what hotel came up, to which SID suggested something close to the rendezvous point. A quick online search indicated that the Mezzix Bar is in a good location within Divinus for those seeking to dabble in the seamier side of civilization.

On leaving the Library, Reithered summoned transportation with his PID, accompanied by Amrith, Jaz’la, Eve and SID. It appeared that reaching the Mezzix Bar was a walk of over two hours distance. The conveyance that appeared was big, and more than able to take the group together. It almost met the approval of Amrith, but he resolved himself to endure it. It wasn’t quite oppulent, but did have a well stocked bar. Many Waterford crystal decanters of potent liquids could be found, and Reithered decided to sample a large tumbler from one of the decanters. As the limousine headed toward the general destination, the driver, yet another Bio-engineered individual, provided a quick run-down on the nearest accommodations to the Mezzix Bar. Three options of elevating quality were suggested: The ‘Golden Antlope’, five minutes from the bar would be the least expensive, with few amenities; The ‘Backwards Hind’, a mid-line establishment with some amenities; but perhaps the ‘Black Hawk’ would suit, if one were interested in ‘connectivity’. SID took this to mean that there would be lots of electronics and communications equipment. Jaz’la, picking up on the muttering from the group, suggested that the driver was indicating that there were, perhaps, some fixers or dealers at the Black Hawk that the group would find useful. SID reflected on the vagueness of biological communication protocols, and the variances in nuance that could be inplied and inferrred in simple statements. How did biologicals ever keep it all straight?

Hotel_Lobby_1dedc8b504b130a016d1cb1dd93fc8a2_Comp.jpgThe group arrived at the Black Hawk, and Reithered paid the 100T fare. Into the lobby, and the oppulence was notable by most. SID was overwhelmed by the amount of surveillance equipment proliferating everything. He had to dampen down the ES detector to almost minimal levels. Three rooms were spoken for, one for Amrith, one for the ladies, and one for the remaining members. One night’s stay was booked, as the team didn’t know what the briefing would yield, and what other arrangements might need to be made.

Once the reservations were obtained, requiring 1800T from Jaz’la, the group broke up again. Amrith headed back to the Library, wielding up some speed, and although he only walked, covered the considerable distance in 30 minutes. Reithered went looking for the roof-top hot tub, wanting to relax and enjoy the view of the island. SID stayed in the room and took up his task of researching Max Hogan. Jaz’la went to her room to meditate, and Eve sat in the lobby, watching the robot Concierge deal with varied clients.

William had remained in the Library, and some time during the intervening hours, there was an interaction with Max Hogan. The results of this were not immediately known by the group, as William was out of contact.

Eve specifically noted that the Concierge literally changed faces depending on the individual, piquing her interest. Perhaps there was something here that could help her dispose of some items of questionable ownership. As surreptitiously as she could, Eve attempted to observe the interactions, and despite intense concentration, was unable to figure out why the face changed between some interactions, and not others. Just as she finally figured out there was a white noise field in effect around the Concierge, the robot turned to her as a client departed and directly asked Eve if there was something it could do for her. Busted.

Eve was forthcoming, stating she was unfamiliar with how things were done on the Island, and that she had some items that she wanted to turn into Trust. The Concierge stated that someone would be around in about an hour to assist her, if she would have the items ready to hand. Up to the rooms she went.

SID had been very busy searching the local networks for anything he could find. SID decided not to leave traces on all the surveillance equipment in the hotel, and plugged into the network with his Netwire. Opening up an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to a remote service, enabled SID to do anything on-line without direct observation by hotel surveillance. Using internal protocols (enabling SID to interact with a virtual keyboard, mouse and segmented virtual drive), SID was able to do all the searchs without any visible external cues. This would appear to any surveillance in the room as a robot sitting in a chair, awaiting direction from a biological entity. There would be evidence of the communication connection, but with the VPN active, nothing in the hotel could read or copy any of the activity. Back-door tweeking of search engines, lead to general information equivalent to the search at the Library. Some outright hacking had opened a small crack in the firewall of the Library. With a phenominal break, SID cut into the personal emails of Max Hogan, unveiling a wealth of personal communications. SID had gone much deeper that expected, and after quick perusals and copying, he did his best to tracelessly extract the probe from the Library system. It appeared that he may have been successful.

Amerith arrived at the Library, and continued to research the Evolutionary Wars. He was peripherally aware of the movement of people in the library, including Max Hogan going about his duties. He also noted that there was some type of meeting with William and Max, and that William left the library immediately afterwards, while Max was not a happy individual when Amrith saw him next.

Just as SID was closing out the search, William contacted SID to advise him that he was out of the library, and heading to the Mezzix Bar. SID provided William with his reservation information, and a text, “Max = INFO!!!” William replied that they would need to talk.

Reithered was lounging in the hot tub, when two very ripped and augmented individuals showed up on the roof. Riethered decided it was just about time to go do something else, anyway, and after drying off, took the elevator to the basement bar. The noise that assaulted Reithered when the doors of the elevator opened was almost a physical blow. However, it wasn’t a deliberate attack, just the ambient noise. Reithered braved the bombardment, and attempted to settle in and observe the wheeling and dealing.

Eve appeared as SID was closing down his initial search, asking him if he had anything he wanted to trade for Trust. SID didn’t have anything except the Squad Medkit, and he didn’t think it advisable at this point to diminish this resource. Eve suggested that she was going to dispose of the laptop she had acquired at the Crater Lake facility, and SID immediately asked to see it. He plugged into the laptop, cleaned it thoroughly of any data and registration information. As he went through the programming, the only thing of interest worth recording was the name, “Nicolai Turvic”. As SID was cleaning the laptop, Eve went back the the room where she had put her things, discovering that Jaz’la was no longer there. There was a lamp knocked over on the bedside table, and there was other things disturbed in the room, but no sign of Jaz’la. Eve went back to SID to advise him that there was something very wrong. SID was unsuccessful in reaching Jaz’la on P-Comm, and directed Eve to go to Hotel Security. Eve was not inclined to do this, but SID was adamant. With the amount of equipment in this hotel, there would certainly be surveillance video of what happened. Yes, even in the rooms! SID couldn’t do this, as a Medbot, so some biological had to do it. And Eve was the only person available. SID contacts William, demanding that he return to the hotel immediately, as contact with Jaz’la had been lost.

Eve headed down to the lobby, and reported that Jaz’la was missing. This resulted in the Hotel Head of Security, a Grigori of massive proportions, meeting with Eve in the lobby after a few minutes. He shows Eve a video of Jaz’la in her room meditating on the bed. Two Seraph pop into the room, and assault Jaz’la. It is apparant from the video that Jaz’la may know the two assailants, but the speed of the assault still took her down quickly. The two seraph bundled Jaz’la up and popped out of the room. The Security Head expressed regrets, but there was nothing that Hotel Security could do about the abduction, as there was nothing the security arrangements could have prevented. No doors were breached, and no-one appeared to have moved through the hotel to facilitate the abduction.

William showed up as Eve took the provided flash drive back to SID, and showed him what had transpired. SID and Eve showed this to William on his arrival, along with Reithered who had just come back from his club run. William was amazed. Two things were apparant in the video. The Seraph were very powerful, despite catching Jaz’la meditating, and they did something William was unaware that Wielding would allow.

As the group discussed what to do, William pointed out that there was little the team could do to help Jaz’la at this time, being they were out of contact with Sanctuarium. It might have been Askari that had been the perpetrators, if Jaz’la had recognized the assailants. Whatever else was going on, the team still had a mission to carry out, in order to get back with Sanctuarium, and the necessary resources to help Jaz’la.

On to the Mezzix Bar…

Hotel Lobby Image Source


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